The gut and healthy ageing in kidney transplant recipients - Focus on chronic use of proton-pump inhibitors and the microbiome

R.M. Douwes
woensdag 14 december 2022
, Groningen

Minimally invasive detection of transplant rejection

J.G.H.P. Verhoeven
woensdag 30 november 2022
, Rotterdam

Molecular signatures underlying kidney transplantation – Towards a tailored treatment

L.L. van Leeuwen
woensdag 09 november 2022
, Groningen

Peribiliary Glands in Biliary Regeneration - Providing Mechanistic Insights into the Pathogenesis of Post-transplant Cholangiopathy and Biliary Atresia

I.E.M. de Jong
maandag 17 oktober 2022
, Groningen

Studying the short-term complications of kidney transplantation: from bed to bench

M.J.C. de Kok
dinsdag 11 oktober 2022
, Leiden

Clinical pharmacometrics to optimize immunosuppressive therapy in kidney transplantation

T.C. Zwart
donderdag 29 september 2022
, Leiden

Pregnancy and kidney transplantation

M.C. van Buren
dinsdag 20 september 2022
, Rotterdam

Novel approaches in complement profiling; application in kidney transplantation

R.G.M. Lammerts
maandag 27 juni 2022
, Groningen

Strategies to improve outcome after pancreas and islet transplantation

M. Leemkuil
maandag 27 juni 2022
, Groningen

The benefits of hypothermic machine perfusion

I.M.A. Brüggenwirth
maandag 16 mei 2022
, Groningen

Organ-specific interventions in intestinal transplantation

G. Trentadue
woensdag 11 mei 2022
, Groningen

Studying the biliary tree using organoid-technology

F.J.M. Roos
donderdag 31 maart 2022
, Rotterdam